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About the Garden Club of Windham

Our Goals

   To share our interest in gardening with others in the Windham community and to provide service to the town through beautification efforts in collaboration with the town of Windham.
   To stimulate the knowledge and love of gardening; to aid in the protection of trees, plants and birds; to encourage civic beautification and to instill a  respect for the environment.
   To operate exclusively on a non-profit basis and solely for charitable and educational purposes conducive to the well-being of the community and useful to the public.

Our History:

The Garden Club of Windham began on October 23, 2002 when a large number of interested residents accepted an invitation to the organizational meeting held at the Windham Town Hall. Club founder and first president, Virginia Darrow, had a vision that included enhancing the beauty of the Windham community with gardens and well cared for public spaces. She saw the potential for creating a garden on the abandoned Jillson Hill Bridge and saw the Garden Club of Windham as a group who might share in that vision and help push it toward reality.

When Virginia Darrow passed away in August of 2004, the seeds she planted had taken root and grown strong. By the end of 2005 there were nine public spaces, we had our logo, Dahlia, (donated by artist Andrea Wisnewski), funding was secured and plans for the Garden on the Bridge submitted (thanks to Kim Kelly and Ruth Cutler from UCONN Cooperative Extension Office, and Mark Paquette, Joe Gardner and Brad Wojick, Town of Windham staff). 2006 saw more efforts focused on the Garden on the Bridge. A groundbreaking ceremony was help in April and the hardscape was completed in time for a dedication ceremony in October. Club members worked with Kim Kelley and Ruth Cutler on bed designs and plant lists. The gardens, planted in May, were in full bloom for the dedication of the Windham Garden on the Bridge to Virginia Darrow on June 2nd, 2007.

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The Garden Club of Windham has several committees including Budget/Finance, Fundraising, Hospitality, Membership, Programs, Public Relations and Public Spaces. They give our members an opportunity to work together and be successful.

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The Garden on the Bridge Brochure - click here.

The Garden Club of Windham Annual Booklet - click here.

Emilyn Visiting the Garden on the Bridge (A Child's View) - click here.

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